Why is it so difficult to find up-to-date mirrors for the new site Octopus

The main darknet site for today is blacksprut onion

TOR browser for logging into blacksprut

What prohibited drink can you buy on BlackProut

The main darknet site for today bs2tor2

Since the Blackspruit website sells goods that one would not want to show to friends and neighbors, many Darknet users are interested in the pressing question of how these same goods are delivered on the clear.bs2tor2 website. Today we will try to find the answer to this question and provide it to you.

Methods of delivery of goods on the Blackspruit website

Everyone who has ever bought goods or ordered services on bs2tor2 knows that Blackspruit stores use several types of delivery: hidden, secret and underground. Every day, countless marketplace couriers ply around the city, hiding and delivering goods in such a way that no one except the buyer can find them. The buyer has the opportunity to come for the goods at a time convenient for him and calmly receive it in a secret place, for example, under a tree or behind a garage. The most important thing is that the buyer will never fall into the clutches of the insidious police, since the latter will not be able to prove that he was specifically in this place to receive goods from The Blackspruit trading platform itself is the guarantor of the transaction, so if the buyer did not receive the goods and proved this to the governing body of the octopus, then the seller will never receive the money.